About Me

Sam Mitchell

I’m a mum of 2 with 25 years experience working with children. I brought Play Fit Stay Fit to life in 2019, after seeing that our kids needed more than just a sport!

I discovered POUND at the gym in Cape Town in 2015. From the very first class I did, I knew I wanted to become an instructor…my passion is kids, and I wanted it for them!

We needed something more!

Yes, they have sport and dancing and so much more but there was something missing.

We needed something to encourage kids to move – Something that was not like anything else – So, something very different – Something to keep them engaged – Something that would bring out their creativity - Something high-energy – Something that would allow kids to MAKE NOISE, release all the built-up energy and express themselves, without being judged...and just HAVE FUN!

So, in 2019, after my little family and I moved to Sydney, Generation POUND was launched in Australia. I can not thank POUND HQ enough for bringing this all to life & helping me reach my goals.

A program created not just as a workout but a MOVEMENT that aims to change the concept of health and fitness in today’s youth.

And I am happy to announce that after a really tough time of Lockdowns, I decided to add another amazing program to my list...Clubbercise.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love music...bass...and bounce! So, I am sticking with what best suits me and my personality...I will continue with the PARTY vibe and show your kids that Fitness can be a whole lot of FUN!

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