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Looking for something fun to do with all the kids this holiday, but stuck for ideas?

Do not fear! Play Fit Stay Fit is here to help you out!

Get everyone up and moving with some Generation POUND® fun.

Launched in Australia in August 2019 - so it's VERY NEW and VERY DIFFERENT!

Generation POUND® ignites a passion for movement, music, and exercise! It builds relationships through collaboration, teamwork, and a unified beat. It promotes the power of confidence and self-awareness while providing a fun alternative to screen-time and other sedentary behaviours.

Generation POUND® is teaching today’s youth to move safely and have fun while working out!

Created not just as a workout geared towards kids, but a MOVEMENT that aims to change the concept of health and fitness for today’s youth. It’s about getting kids ready to make fitness about self-expression, empowerment, self-love, and FUN!

What Does A Generation POUND Class Look & Feel Like?

Generation POUND® is a youth-oriented program that fuses movement and music to improve focus, coordination, physical fitness, and teamwork skills. 

In each session, we combine exercise and interactive Activities, so kids will learn new ways to explore movement, leadership, embrace their creativity and ROCK OUT—ultimately building strength, confidence, and self-awareness.

Using Ripstix®, lightly weighted drumsticks engineered specifically for exercising, Generation POUND® transforms drumming into an incredibly effective way of working out. It’s a full-body workout that combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training with yoga and pilates-inspired movements.

These are just a few things….

Our Aim

Play Fit Stay Fit focuses on building confidence and self-esteem.

We encourage children to be part of each session, this allows them to feel included and proud of themselves. The philosophy behind this is that when children feel their opinion is valued, they tend to enjoy being part of a class more and they learn faster.

 AGES & STAGES: Perfect for "ROCKSTARS IN TRAINING" ages 4-12

What’s Included:


Standard – Regular Program in a hall, classroom or any large indoor or outdoor space (weather permitting).

Deluxe – Regular program with a TWIST (Must be indoors and dark enough to get the full GLOW effect)

Please Note:

Bitumen / Concrete / Tar is to be avoided, as this damages the STIX.

Travel Fees may apply.



GLOW Goodie Bags – $8.50 per bag (Min order 10)

Glow Goodie Bag

Contains: Glow Headband, 8″ Star Wand, 6″ Whistle, 4″ Pendant, 24″ Necklace, 4 x 8″ Bracelets, 1 x Ring, 1 x Aircraft, 1 x Earring (pair), Glasses, 1 x Sticky Glow Creature

**Contents may vary

*Orders must be completed 2 weeks prior to Booking date!

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