Generation POUND For Schools

Generation POUND is POUND's spin on the Classroom Curriculum, so get ready to MAKE NOISE and harness the power of movement and exercise to inspire confidence, camaraderie, and self-expression. Using Ripstix®, lightly weighted drumsticks engineered specifically for exercising, this youth oriented program was designed to transform drumming into an incredibly effective way of working out and learn alternative ways to explore movement. 

The program fuses movement and music to improve focus, coordination, physical fitness, and teamwork skills for children ages 4-12.

A mobile program that can come to life anywhere!

The power of Generation POUND encompasses more than just physical fitness.  Combining kid-friendly choreography and group activities, it promotes social and emotional well-being by fostering relationships, building self-esteem and self-awareness, and inspiring the next generation of happy, healthy kids.

Why Generation POUND?

We all know that exercise is great for us. We feel better when we work out, both mentally and physically, we have more energy, and we stay healthier. 

But why Generation POUND specifically?

Well, we think it’s the most FUN workout around, and have seen the way kids LIGHT UP and enjoy exercise when they get into a Generation POUND class. 

But, the program has been designed with a few other key pillars as well: 

Each session is designed to achieve the aims, objectives, and outcomes identified in the Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) K-6 Syllabus, in a Super Fun and Safe Environment!

How It Works:

I bring everything needed to lead Generation POUND classes with me to your school:

  • Speakers
  • RIPSTIX (exercise drumsticks)
  • Mats (if needed)
  • And all the Activity Equipment.

During the class, I will help excite students about movement, music, fitness and health, and hopefully inspire healthy habits and positive feelings about exercise that will ultimately cultivate a lifelong love for movement and healthy habits.

You can choose whether you just want a one-time session, weekly or multiple times throughout the year!

I am open to discuss what would best serve your school and its students.

Get in touch by filling in the form on this page. Alternatively, you are more than welcome to email or call Sam directly on 0452 389 847.

Play Fit Stay Fit can’t wait to see this TRANSFORM your P.E. Curriculum, Band/Music Classes, Dance Classes, Classrooms, and beyond  into ROCK N ROLL fun!

Let’s MOVE and MAKE NOISE!! 

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